Assistance for victims of discrimination

Eraberean is the Network promoted by the Department of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government to combat discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnic background, nationality, sexual identity and gender identity.

A network comprised of this Department and various social organisations have been contributing significantly in the area of immigration, support of the Roma people and LGTB groups with whom they share the mission of, "improving the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination in public policy and in the civil society of the Basque Country. This is implemented in an effective way at an institutional as well as social level through inclusive discourse and practices and the activation of agents and resources".

Eraberean’s main objectives are:

  • 1. To promote and advise on specific policies in the area of equal treatment and non-discrimination, particularly in relation to stipulated reasons and to integrate the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination in sectoral policies.
  • 2. Provide people with the informational mechanisms and instruments, advice, guidance, etc., so that they are in a position to exercise their rights when these are being infringed through discrimination.
  • 3. Combine these resources and instruments with others that already exist
    • a. for other reasons (sex, functional diversity, etc.),
    • b. and which operate in the public sphere
    • c. deriving from initiatives that historically have been developed by organisations within civil society.

Creating complementary synergies of mutual support.

Eraberean is a Network that operates throughout the autonomous region and that prefers to focus on the private sector, combining

  • A preventive, pedagogical approach that raises consciousness and social awareness, etc., focusing more on the process of social and cultural transformation, in the medium to long term by necessity. Achieving this through a combination of programmes and awareness raising activities, educating agents, creating informational material, advising institutions and social organisations, etc.
  • And an operational approach, by offering the most immediate assistance possible to specific people, in specific situations and through courses on specific actions. To achieve this, there is a series of grassroots organisations set up to detect discriminatory situations and to give assistance to people and groups.

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