Citizen Advice Service (S.A.C)

Durango Town Hall has a Citizen's Advice Service (S.A.C) open to everyone residing in the town.

It offers the following services:

  • Register the presentation of documents.
  • Municipal census: newly registered (except for newborns who must be registered at the Town Hall) and changes to the census, application forms for census registration, census registration and residence permits…
  • Requests for grants.
  • Requests for building permits and business permits.
  • Requests for application forms for sitting public service examinations.
  • Publishing of ordenances.
  • Municipal and civic information (services offered by the Town Hall, forms and leaflets with information about municipal business, town planning, public tenders...).
  • Municipal and area issues.
  • Presentation of complaints, suggestions and services' breakdowns.
  • Claims for damages.
  • Information on how to initiate dealings with the administration: requirements, documents and deadlines.
  • Tax and other payments: direct debit payments, certify correct payment of bills due, duplication of bills and receipts, settlement of bills due and other related paperwork.
  • Requests for collection of furniture, electrical appliances and other household items.
  • Requests for cardboard collection from local businesses.
  • Requests for licence and ownership of potentiallly dangerous animals.
  • Membership list of Municipal Institute of Sports and the issuing of membership cards.

Citizen Advice Service

Town Hall On Line

Durango Town Hall offers an on line attention service for citizens called Citizen's File.

The municipal website allows the citizen to carry out some paperwork without having to go to the Citizen Advice Service in person (registration forms, requests for bills and certificates, access to personal information, registration for municipal services...).

To access this on line service Citizen's File, the user must fill out a form and obtain a form of personal identity and a PIN (password).


It is to be found at S.A.C or at municipal web page.