Message from the Mayoress

In the present social contex of our municipality which is becoming more open, plural and diverse, where we encourage intercultural coexistence and equality for all citizens, native and foreign, underlined by the conviction that it is essential to provide the townspeople with the possibility of active economic, social and cultural participation in the Municipality, we are delighted to present this Resource Guide. The Guide contains information on the paperwork and other formalities related to the basic issues for people of whatever origin who have recently arrived in the town. In this way we can provide support on arrival and in their initial contact with our society.

However, the Guide can also be useful for those people who have been living in Durango for a while but are unaware or do not use the services and resources, etc. available. The Guide can be of interest by providing you with information and showing you what is available.

We hope that through taking advantage of the new information and communication technologies, this virtual guide will be of use to those citizens of a constantly evolving society that progresses day by day in an active and equal participation within a framework of intercultural relations.

Mireia Elkoroiribe Zenikaonandia
Mireia Elkoroiribe Zenikaonandia